Tuesday, 24 May 2016

STAR TREK is 50 years old!/Playing with "boy dolls"

"Spock to Enterprise..."

"The Captain has done something to his leg.  We require immediate medical assistance."

"Enterprise to Mr. Spock, the Doctor is transporting down..."

-"You are not Dr. McCoy!"

-"Of course not, I am Dr. Zaius!"

-"Mr. Scott, the transporter seems to be acting up again."

-"Aye.  And, 'O my poor Bairns!'"

When suddenly...

-"Ah-ha, Captain Kirk!  At last, we meet again."

-"And there is no escape now, James T. Kirk, I have brought friends!"

Happy Birthday, STAR TREK! 

Sunday, 15 May 2016

Warhammer For Everything/40mm Fever/Even Ernest Hemingway Knew of The Irresistible Magnetic Allure Of The Miniature Painter!!

Although I obsessively collect rulesets and actually try to play them, I find I always come back to good ol'Warhammer.   Ah, Warhammer.  Roll to hit, roll to wound, roll to save.  So simple, so wonderful, and so adaptable to every single conflict/adventure imaginable!  Over the years I have used the Warhammer system to game everything from cavemen squabbles to WWII aerial combat.    Last weekend The Kid and I used it to fight out a fictional battle from the War of 1812:

    The good citizens of Buffalo are fed-up!  They march to join the American Regular Troops who are advancing over the border into Upper Canada.  Along the way they roll a D6 (1,2, -they are fearful, 3,4, they are just fed-up, 5, 6, Frenzied!) - the good citizens of Buffalo are frenzied!!

American Regulars form into a firing line to impress the citizens.  (We gave all Regular troops the ability to re-roll any 1's when rolling to hit if they are in a firing line formation.)

And here come the British! 

Battlelines form.  (Niagara Falls can be seen in the distance...)

The Americans shoot first!  Cannons in Warhammer are always so much fun!

British Hussars charge the American Frontiersmen.  "They don't even know how to form squares!", laughed one Hussar before he was shot from his saddle.

British native allies charge too.  (We gave them extra attacks and the Hatred rule to make them truly terrifying and potent.)

The mid-point of the battle:

First Nations warriors overrun into the American Batteries!  At this point in the battle things really swing in favour of the British.

Realizing all is lost, the Americans pause for a cool silhouette/shadow shot and the game ends.

By the way, all these figures are 40mm and were painted by Ross Mac of the fantastic blogs, Battle Game Of The Month and a Gathering of Hosts.   Yeah, 40mm is where its at!  I love this scale and wish I could transform all my miniatures now into 40mm!  I first became hooked on 40mm when Front Rank Miniatures was having their Fall Sale.  This led to a very fortuitous series of happy transactions with Ross Mac as he was selling off some of his beautifully painted colllections of 40mm.  It was really perfect timing too because I have been finding that I enjoy painting less and less as my eyes change/age.  (Boo and hiss.)  But speaking of painting, the other day I came across the following when re-reading Hemingway's The Sun Also Rises:  "...and just when he had made up his mind to leave his wife she left him for a miniature-painter." (!)   And this "he" is a good-looking, athletic rich young man from a well-respected old New York family, yet he is no match to the mighty allure of a miniature painter!!  It makes one think, because afterall, Papa Hemingway really knew what he was talking about.  I think I will continue to paint...

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

"They Shall Not Pass Our Mountain Pass!"

There are days when one must simply shout:  "Glorious Second Edition Warhammer!!" 

Ahh, Second Edition Warhammer, I rarely ever play it and seldom even look at it, but when I do, I love it!   No other edition even comes close to touching the artwork of wonderful Second!  (I had to resist the temptation of typing the preceding sentence boldly in Bold Print.)    The picture below being a perfect example.  I must have spent the better part of the morning staring at it and dreaming. 

This mutated into an afterschool game...

"Brothers, They Shall Not Pass Our Mountain Pass!"

"Goblins!!  They're everywhere!!!"

Dwarves are falling!

But Dwarves fight on!

and on...

and on, against overwhelming and impossible odds...

"But They Shall Not Pass Our Mountain Pass!!"

"Unless, alas...

...they come en masse!"

"O Good Grungni, what a day to be a Dwarf!"

Tuesday, 29 March 2016

it's nice to play outside again...

Incessant Time-Travel is fun...

...although it sure messes with the months.  Eastertime has suddenly come about again!  But that's ok, 'cause it means egg-hunts and games outside!

Happy Spring!
Bye for now...

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

The Warrior On The Edge of Time (watches a Chainmail game)

Yikes!  Another New Year already!   So that means that it's time for the traditional Chainmail post to kick off the year!  Although this year it is Chainmail with a Lion Rampant Twist. 

The Major came by last night with some of his beautiful Amazons, so we put some Hawkwind on the turntable and some old figs on the gaming table.   Being excited about soon having the new Dragon Rampant ruleset, we decided to mix in the activation and morale rules from Lion Rampant with the glorious combat tables of good ol'Chainmail.   The combination worked very well and was a joy to play, but enuff talk...

     While A Warrior Stood on The Edge of Time, A Wizard blew his horn...

One blast re-animates a horde of Golden (Void) Orcs, the second blast awakens the chaotic creatures of the land, the third calls the foul fighting men weary of the bonds of Law, and the fourth blast issues a challenge to any that stand in the wizard's path!  The Wizard, of course, is none other than The Mightly Moorlock The Mad!!!!!!

Hearing all that horrible horn noise really aggravates Alabaster Annie, High Priestess of the Amazons. 

"Have we come all this way to have our precious ears Assaulted by the Battery of all this confounded noise?!", she says as she puts on her most fetching little outfit, "To arms, my Sisters, to arms!!"

And thus...

Simons ("Pow") Brocknik, the Crazy Chaotic Half-elf, and his lovable lizard, Lemmy, get the action going by charging in alone against the Royal Amazon Guards.  (They are a very nasty unit!)

As the battle ensues and the blood begins to flow, a lone Warrior Standing On The Edge seems to smile.

Suddenly, "Opa-Loka, Magnu...Opa-Loka, Magnu", booms across the battlefield,  momentarily zapping the realm of colour, - The Mighty Moorlock has cast raise the dead!

As the colours return, waves of warriors clash as dying seas mourn the kings of speed.  (?)  Ah, but it is a Spiral Galaxy : ) ...

The final moments...

And then the Victors pose for an 80's Flash shot.  

Incidentally, the front three guys are true eternal champions - I have had them ever since my early teens, and they have all seen much action (much of it Chainmail Action) over the years.  And hey, has anyone been playing the amazing Fastastical Saga Battle Boards that are available for free download at http://www.a-fantastic-saga.com/?    They are really well done fan-made creations that play very, very well and give fantastically exciting games.   2016 really seems like the Return of The Fantasy Game with all the new options that are out there.  Much to enjoy.  Happy New Year Everyone!